By Ryan waring

Welcome to our new website!

Hey everyone!

Whether you’re an existing Wrughead or new to us, thank you for taking time out of your day to give this a quick read. 

As many of you know, we’ve mostly been using Etsy to sell our tufted rugs. The platform took us through the last year and a half of Wrugs (which honestly has gone so quickly) and was a great tool for us to find new people who were interested in decorating their home. Despite this, we felt it was time for change. With Wrugs growing larger by the week, we realised that in order to reach future goals we had to get on our own platform.

These past few months have been amazing, so thank you all for supporting us in these trying times. Both of us here (Ryan and Sophie) have been blown away by the awesome rug ideas that get put to us everyday and we enjoy how great and creative you all can be; we would LOVE to make every rug idea put to us (even the weird ones, you know who you are).  With that being said as we’re only a small team, we’re limited in how much we can make. We’ve created this website in the hopes of building a more solid base from which we can better fulfil your rug ideas.

Along with this we’re going to be aiming for a tonne more collaborations with other small artists and creators. Going through Instagram and Tiktok we’re always blown away by the art that people create, and as passionate rug makers we always ask ourselves whenever we see a cool design “I wonder how that would look as a rug?”. Granted, it’s not for every creator (being a graduate fine artist, I know how picky we can be) but having an option there is something we will explore throughout the months. 

We also have a couple of other projects in our minds moving forward, but I think I’ve typed enough for this blog post for now, so stay tuned!

I hope you all have an amazing week<3