Got a question about custom Wrugs?

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Our rugs require no special care and can be regularly maintained with a light hoover. If, for any
reason, liquid is spilled on the rug then first soak up the mess using a paper towel. If there is still
residue on the rug after the first step then use a non-bleached based cleaning product and give
it light scrub.

Please do not put these rugs in a washing machine and/or dryer.

Please see our custom page for further details on purchasing your very own custom rug.

Yes, we ship worldwide!

Currently it takes around 6-8 weeks for us to hand make and dispatch orders.

Shipping times:
UK: 1-3 days
USA: 3-5 days
Europe: 3-5 days
Rest of World: 3-10 days

Yes, tufted rugs like ours are some of the best to purchase if you have a pet due to their
durability and stain resistance (plus, they’re really comfy too!).

No these rugs are not printed, they are tufted. What this means is that each individual yarn fibre
is threaded into the rug fabric, making it stronger and longer lasting. Despite printed rugs being
able to achieve more detail, they tend to only last around a year or so before signs of wear are
visible. For tufted rugs, these signs of wear usually only begin in the 5-10 year range.

Yes we can complete bulk orders, however whether we are available to do so can rely on our
capacities at the time. Please send us your enquiries via either the custom order page or our